Procedures to Legally Suspend an Individual’s Driving Privileges

Driving Assessment

The person’s doctor can write a doctor’s order for them to have a driving assessment done. This is frequently a service offered through the occupational/rehabilitation departments of major hospitals. In South Bend and surrounding areas, Memorial Hospital’s Rehab Department performs this service. The phone number is 574-647-2605. They will provide a very thorough assessment (3-4 hours). Families should verify payment options in advance of getting the test to assure they’re able to afford the cost and determine how much of it Medicare will pay for. The results of the tests are forwarded back to the referring physician. If the person does not pass the test, it is incumbent on the physician to take further steps to revoke the license, i.e., writing a letter to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles or completing the form, “Request for Driving Ability Review” to request the license be legally revoked.

Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Someone in the family (or physician or others) can submit the “Request for Driving Ability Review” form (available online at BMV: (along with a physician’s letter, if possible) to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles at the below address, requesting a driving ability review and stating reasons why. This information should include some examples of the person’s unsafe driving because of their medical diagnosis and why the person is not safe continuing to operate a car. The information must be signed, however, it will remain confidential, and the author will not be revealed to the person with dementia. The address is:

Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles Credential Programs
ATTN: Medical Review Clerk
100 N. Senate Avenue, Room N402
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(888) 692-6841

It is recommended that this information be sent by registered mail, return receipt requested.

  1. BMV will send a letter to the person with dementia, stating that their ability to drive has been questioned, but it will not say by whom. There will also be medical forms enclosed that the person must take to their physician to be completed within 30 days and returned to the BMV.
  2. If the papers are not completed within 30 days, the license will automatically be revoked for failure to submit an acceptable medical report. If the forms are completed on time, a doctor on the BMV Medical Advisory Board will be assigned to review the case and make the final decision whether to suspend the license or not. The individual will then be notified in writing that their license has been revoked.

NOTE: It is sometimes helpful to get Police or Sheriff involved. In some cases, law enforcement is willing to speak with the doctor directly, or they will contact the BMV to revoke the license.